About Us

Manufactures of Security (counter pens) - Rolamech Inc., founded in 1969, is a leading manufacturer of theft resistant security counter pens.

Our counter mounted pens product line was developed by Rolamech's founder, a former bank executive. He recognized the need for a high quality pen that would always be there, always ready to write. This pen was the Rolamech Classic Security Pen, a model that is still one of the most popular counter-chained pens on the market.

Rolamech manufactures a complete line of security pens to fit every budget. Our products are used in financial institutions, point of purchase displays, photo-processing, self-service counters, lottery play centers, libraries, schools and universities, and many other facilities where pens are needed for public use.

Through our manufacturing capabilities, we can customize products to customer specifications. We remain committed to producing quality products and continually strive to improve our product line.

Rolamech- your source for counter pen, theft resistant pens, table mounted pens, security pens refills and more !